I'm thrilled to announce that my 'deep strategy' game Cosmic Carousel is now available in the shop!

Cosmic Carousel takes places within the Shared Universe of Starcade (and is related to other games in that series)

On the Amusement Park Planet called Starcade, Space Age Merry-Go-Rounds are Powered by Artificial Black Holes and used as Transportation Portals for Aliens Wishing to Visit. 

The Sophisticated Computers that Operate the Carousels have Full Personalities to Help them Judge the New Arrivals, but One of these Systems has Developed Schizophrenia.

Each Player Assumes the Role of One of the Computer's Personalities, and must Compete to Control the Power of the Cosmic Carousel!

The game comes packed with a lot of cards and various play accessories, all in a sturdy plastic case!

Cosmic Carousel Site
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